Struggling with Weekly Team Meetings? Why Not Make a Productive Change?

Gafa Nate August 30, 2018

Though many companies have now moved away from the traditional company meetings whereby most attendants left feeling as though little had been accomplished, weekly team meetings still have their place in many an industry. For some companies, getting together to brainstorm and catch up, highlighting possible ways of taking the company forward, is crucial to […]


Pros And Cons Of Mobile In Learning

Gafa Nate June 21, 2018

With the growing technology in the past few years, mobile learning technique has provided an enormous number of benefits to its users. The smartphone is the new classroom to the students, which has shown its credibility in the learning process. As the mobile phones are cost-effective, convenient, compact and entertaining, thus they are possessed by […]

Is Fire Risk Assessment Software Suitable For My Opportunity?

Gafa Nate April 18, 2018

If you don’t perform a fire risk assessment for you personally company, you might be susceptible to an excellent or any other penalties underneath the law. The selection you’ve is with regards to how to handle the assessment. Nobody however, you can decide whether fire safety assessment software suits your organization however a good beginning […]